School District - How does it work?

There are three main parts to the School District.
1. Your elected Board of Education.  There are seven members elected by registered voters in our district.  These people are elected to represent the community and make long term visionary plans.  They set the policy and provide direction for the administration.

2. Your Administration.  This group is led by the superintendent who is hired by your board.  He takes the direction from the board and sets up a plan to achieve the boards goals.  This is a working relationship.  For every suggestion the board makes, the superintendent will  likewise make recommendations.  Principals are part of the administration.

3. Your Teachers.  This group executes the plans and works with the Administration to achieve the goals laid out by the board.  They are trained and educated to develop teaching plans and skilled to work with students to get the best results. 

Now this might seem like very basic information, but it sets the tone for how we communicate in our roles.  As a School Board Member the role is very clear.  To make changes in District 211 we need board members:

  • That will enforce policy or change it

  • Communicate with the Community and include the Community in discussion

  • Engage in Contract Negotiations (this is where the board and teachers come together in compromise to execute strategic planning)

  • Fight TIFs that only produce unbalanced shifts in the burden of the Levy

  • Realize that our District decisions have a financial impact on the entire IL state pension system

Before you vote, I encourage you to attend a District 211 Board meeting and see our elected representative engaged in discussion.